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Dr. Mark Ortmann and

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Independent. Fair. Competent.

Hello. I would like to briefly introduce myself and my company infinas. I founded infinas in 2007 as a financial planning and insurance broker company. Since 1990 I have been working as an insurance broker and financial services provider. Immediately after training at Dresdner Bank (now Commerzbank) I started my own business. After studying law in Bonn, the business grew during the legal traineeship in Berlin. I passed the Second State Law Examination with honors. After that I wrote a doctor theses and received my doctor degree from Hans-Peter Schwintowski ("Asset Allocation of German and British Life Insurance Companies") with honors (summa cum laude). The dissertation has been awarded the Award for Berlin Insurance Sciences.

In addition to my consulting activities, I have given numerous lectures on various topics (including old-age provision, charges of financial products, financial planning) and published numerous publications. I have bundled these activities in my second company "ITA Institut für Transparenz GmbH". Among other things, we wrote two reports for the Federal Government there. From 2015 to 2017, I took a trip to the start-up world of Berlin in addition to my own companies and started as Venture Partner Insurance, among others, and the insurer Element.

I have been advising a large number of my clients for many years. I am very happy to have been building so many trusting connections over the years and I am very thankful that my clients trust in me and recommend me.

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